Saratech Inc Blog: Curiosity is the Real Mother of Invention Saratech Inc Blog: Curiosity is the Real Mother of Invention

Curiosity is the Real Mother of Invention

Saratech-Mother-of-Invention-OwlSaratech-Mother-of-InventionSome of the coolest things I have made over the years are the result of escalating dares between my brother, Jamie and me. The conversation would always start the same way, “You know what would be cool…?” Then it would end with some test of the laws of physics or my threshold for pain. Examples of this include but are not limited to, a Nerf football slingshot that would shoot a football about 75 yards, a Play-doh cannon and several dangerous adventures involving dry ice. But when it was all over we usually laughed about it and would talk about what we learned, on the way to the hospital. All learning experiences don’t have to be that dangerous. All it takes is some curiosity. I have worked with oodles of CAM and CAD packages over the years. They all draw lines or make your machine run. The hardest part is just finding the button to do it. Historically, once I have the basic operations down and I feel good about making parts is when the real learning begins. Software companies pride themselves on differentiators. These differentiators may end up getting lost over time, so it is up to the user to find them. I find myself asking, “What does this button do?”, or “What happens if I press this?” This is when the real learning begins. Also, this is why instructor lead classes are so important when mastering software. Tutorials are designed to steer you in one very specific direction. If you try to steer off that path, you will find yourself in a ditch. But having an expert in front of you to help navigate the landscape gives you a much broader knowledge of the software. So be curious. Especially when using software you feel comfortable with. Or sign up for an instructor lead class. Even if the class covers material you may already know, I guarantee you will learn a lot. Just in case you are curious; dry ice if very cold and hurts real bad when you leave it on your skin. I have the scars to prove it.

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