Saratech Inc Blog: New Toy for an Old Dog Saratech Inc Blog: New Toy for an Old Dog

New Toy for an Old Dog

Does it ever annoy you when you make a change to a solid model and half of the models’ features fail before your very eyes as a result? I can recall on several occasions when I merely wanted to move a few countersinks over by a fraction of an inch, only to have all of the other features I spent countless hours sketching and extruding get pushed into some distorted shape.

After much coercion from my co-worker whose youth causes her to venture out into the unknown, boldly without fear, I finally gave in and decided to learn to model in Synchronous mode.  At first, I was unenthusiastic regarding this new software for I did not want to learn a new way to model parts – especially one that would not keep track of the sketches I had made to form solids. I have come to the conclusion that Synchronous is actually quite timesaving and helpful. Since using it, I have yet to have a solid model fail after making any number of revisions. So far the programs that I know of, which for sure carry this fantastic new way to perform solid modeling, are Solid Edge and NX and are both Siemens products. It seems these guys at Siemens are really onto something.

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