When I was a kid I got pneumonia, it was generally pretty awesome. I got to miss a ton of school and I got to lie around and watch TV all day. This was way before cable so it was a lot of Mary Tyler MooreCourtship of Eddie’s Father and The Brady Bunch, but it was still great. The worst part was the pain in my legs. With the medication I was taking I couldn’t have any dairy. Of course this happened right when I was going through a growth spurt and apparently the lack of calcium resulted in horrible pains the doctor described as “growing pains.”
So looking back at this, I can see a little clearer on what was going on. My body wanted to grow, but I wasn’t giving it the right tools to do it. As I get older, I apply this to my own mental growth.  If I want to grow my knowledge of anything, I need the right tools to allow my mind to do it. If I don’t, it will be painful.
How many times have you sat in front of new software and told yourself, “I can figure this out.”? Inevitably, you struggle and struggle and after hours of fiddling you end up frustrated with a splitting headache. You tried to grow, you didn’t give your mind the right tools, and it ended up hurting. Now, imagine spending that time in a training class, or doing the tutorials on the software. When you finally started working in it…less pain. You wanted to grow, you gave your mind the right tools and voila, pain free growth!
Growth doesn’t have to be painful. Sign up for a Saratech training class. Buy a text book. Reach out to tech support for help. Whether it is new software or something you have used for years, take the initiative to give your mind the tools it needs to grow.
I am coming off of a two week intensive training session. Last week I had a nuts and bolt CAM post processor building class and this week I am finishing up a class on CMM programming and operation. Both classes were phenomenal, but very intensive. I feel like I have grown relatively pain free. Sure, I didn’t get watch TV while I did it, but all growth is different.