Saratech Inc Blog: Shh! It's a Secret! Saratech Inc Blog: Shh! It's a Secret!

Shh! It's a Secret!

A few weeks ago, I taught a Solid Edge training class for a couple of individuals with more industry experience than myself. People from all different backgrounds and application fields come to take part in our training courses and I have come to realize that while these individuals may be experts in their respective fields, I am the Solid Edge expert.  I instruct on how to use the tools and the trainees decide on how to wield the tools to their specific projects.

The class I taught was four days long, eight hours each day, and that made all the difference for two individuals who arrived with only the basics of Solid Edge, in transforming them into confident program users! At the start of the training, one of the trainees had mentioned that she had been afraid to use the program for fear if something went wrong and couldn’t fix it.  Now her fears are in the past and the virtual design field, that is Solid Edge, is at her fingertips!

Perhaps you are working on space plane projects or autonomous motor vehicles, and because you studied for so many years and received a degree, you have the awesome expertise to tackle the project.  Although, now you realize there is a computer program out there that can help you design your project and convey the complex ideas in your mind to others, but you realize that they never taught you how to do that in school. No one can know everything or plan for everything, but fortunately, at Saratech you can take advantage of our expertise and learn the fantastic abilities of Solid Edge within a few short days!