Saratech Google GlassesSaratech is proud to announce the very first 3D Holographic Analysis Simulation tool.  Why spend time cleaning up CAD geometry and meshing with bars, plates, tets, and rigid connections when you can now just import your CAD geometry into the 3D holographic analysis system, and using simple voice and hand gesture commands you can immerse the part in a variety of loading conditions including gravity loads, forces, gale force winds, cyclic loading and of course the popular crash into a wall or drop on the floor.  No need to worry about boundary conditions, since you can just use the full environment of the part including rain and salt water corrosion.  The part size is currently limited to a 6 meter by 6 meter by 6 meter cube.  But if you need to model something larger, such as the death star, there are handy scale factors that can be applied so that the item fits inside the reality immersion cube.
Coming in version 1.2, there will be an optional hyperdrive engine modeling system for modeling spacecraft that use a hyperdrive motivator or hyperdrive field guide.  This is very useful for spacecraft that need to exceed the speed of light during the flight.  For viewing results, you can use the new Facebook reality immersion 3D goggles which will allow you to instantly post holographic analysis results to Facebook so they can be viewed by all your friends who also have the Facebook reality immersion 3D goggles.
These are far superior to the 2D Google version that shows a simple 2D movie.  Saratech is proud to be the first to bring you this breaking technology as well as this important message…April Fools Day!