Saratech Inc Blog: Upgrading to ST7 Saratech Inc Blog: Upgrading to ST7

Upgrading to ST7

The ST7 download and licenses are now available on the Siemens site! To upgrade follow these steps. But, before you begin, you or someone else (e.g. IT department) must have a Webkey account to sign on to the Siemens site to download files and manage licenses.  Visit to manage your account.  If you need to create one, choose the Standard account type, and it will ask you for the sold-to ID and Webkey Access Code which are both shown in your current license file. Also, ST7 is only available as a 64-bit application.
Node-locked licenses:
  1. Visit and click “Passwords and License Files”, then “Solid Edge” and “107.0” to generate your ST7 license file.
Floating licenses:
  1. Remove “Solid Edge License Manager” from the Control Panel.
  2. Visit and click “Passwords and License Files”, then “Solid Edge” and “107.0” to generate your ST7 license file.
  3. Open the license file in Notepad, and edit in the server’s hostname (right-click Computer, open Properties, and it’s shown near the bottom) into the “this_host” placeholder on the SERVER line, and save this file.
  4. Install the new license manager from the License Manager folder on the main ST7 installation disk, and choose your edited license file when you get to that page of the setup.
Upgrading the Solid Edge program to ST7:
  1. Visit and click Solid Edge, expand the Windows section, expand the ST7 section, and click the “Solid_Edge_DVD_ENGLIGH_ST7.exe” to download, or “SE_Viewer_ENGLISH_ST7.exe” for the stand-alone Viewer.
  2. You can also download ST7 or the Viewer from these two links: Solid_Edge_DVD_ENGLISH_ST7.exe  OR SE_Viewer_ENGLISH_ST7.exe
  3. Open “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” from the “Control Panel” from your Windows Start menu.
  4. Uninstall “Solid Edge ST6”.
  5. Install ST7.
    1. If node-locked, choose your license file created above when you get to that page of the setup.
    2. If floating, ignore the license page when installing Solid Edge on client machines.  Once installed, open Solid Edge ST7, which will open the License Utility, choose the “I have a License Server Name” option, and type in the hostname of the server where you installed the license manager, which is the same hostname you should have swapped in to the license file to replace the “this_host” placeholder.
    3. Enjoy ST7.
  1. If you use Engineering Reference, remove the ST6 or previous instance from the Control Panel as well.  You’ll be happy to see that it is automatically installed with ST7.
  2. If you use Standard Parts, you may want to continue using your current database. To do so, install the Standard Parts Administrator setup.exe from the main ST7 installation disk, then open the “Configuration Wizard” from the Windows Start menu, click “Save”, then “Yes” to migrate the database to ST7.
As always, contact if you need any assistance.

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