Saratech Inc Blog: Come to the Siemens' Symposiums this Month Saratech Inc Blog: Come to the Siemens' Symposiums this Month

Come to the Siemens' Symposiums this Month

Have you registered for the Siemens’ Symposiums yet?
As the month of October moves into full swing, Saratech is looking forward to attending and being a sponsor at this year’s Siemens’ CAE Symposium & Digital Manufacturing Symposium. Both events will be held aboard the beautiful Queen Mary Ship in downtown Long Beach!
Since most people these days communicate through the web, these conferences are a chance to meet and chat with users in person. Our Saratech bloggers Chris Teague and Jack Danylik will be in attendance along with our Technical Director Mike Dickinson. In addition to swinging by our booth to meet some of our team members, at the CAE Symposium you will have a chance to learn about the SDC Verifier – one of the most accurate reporting tools of FEMAP!
What to expect at the CAE Symposium on Oct 22-23rd, 2014:
It will be a two day event filled with informative presentations, workshops, discussions and networking for attendees!  Whether you’re an analyst, engineer, team leader or manager who’s responsible for ensuring optimal engineering solutions, this conference will be of interest to you. This year’s lineup of speakers include John Curry (Sierra Nevada Corporation), Tony Di Carlo (Boeing) and many more! In addition, 10 workshops will be held throughout the 2 day event tailored to users of all skill levels. This is a great opportunity to learn more about industry trends and network with users who will be attending from across the nation.
What to expect at the Digital Manufacturing Symposium on Oct 21st, 2014:
If you are interested in Manufacturing planning, simulation, and production, the one day Digital Manufacturing event is for you! You’ll have a chance to hear from leading manufacturing companies such as Flextronics and Northrop-Grumman.  You will learn how they use Tecnomatix digital manufacturing and NX software to make smarter decisions.  There will be giveaways, ship tours and networking opportunities throughout the day.
Last but not least, both symposiums are held at a beautiful venue where both lunch and dinner are provided.

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