Saratech Inc Blog: 3D Printers: Toys or Tools? Saratech Inc Blog: 3D Printers: Toys or Tools?

3D Printers: Toys or Tools?

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It’s almost Christmas and everyone is buying gifts for their family and friends. When you’re searching for gifts online or even in shops near you, you will stumble upon 3D printers. These little affordable printers are often suggested as perfect gifts for your creative friends and family. Usually the first impression is: “It seems like a toy” or “This has no real use; it’s just for hobbyists to play with”. Some printers might seem simple and sometimes even childish, but they’re definitely not useless.

Let’s say you want a case for your new smartphone, naturally you want to protect it from any damage so your case needs to be a sturdy one; one that can withstand a reasonable amount of stress and pressure. Well, guess what?  You can make it with your own small 3D printer. You might ask if it’s any good, and the answer is, of course! Your little 3D printer has turned into a tool to protect your new smartphone.

Now imagine larger scales, imagine things that you use in your everyday life. From the jewelry you might be wearing to the fender of your car to even human tissue, all can be made with 3D printers, some even with the same technology as the little printer you may own. So next time you look at a 3D printer, you can look at it as a tool for engineers, designers, doctors, inventors, or anyone who wants to create something to improve your everyday life.

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